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Shane’s Neck Brace

Discover the sturdy, full-support neck brace, that can help those with debilitating injuries with flexibility and mobility. Shane’s Neck Support Brace is a comfortable, hand made, durable cervical brace that provides upright neck support without affecting muscle tone. It is unlike any other medical brace, and it is Made in the USA!


Full head motion is allowed with Shane’s Neck Brace, and it can be comfortably worn for long periods of time. This makes it idea for many neck pain conditions including arthritis, ALS, torticollis, MS, Parkison’s, Whiplash and much more. The cervical neck brace provides incredible posture support while allowing those wearing it to perform all activities of daily living.


The neck support brace is completely waterproof, low profile and maintains open areas for breathability and prevention of chafing. Shane’s Neck Brace is the #1 cervical support on the market today. It is the world’s most premier waterproof, low profile  full-support neck brace.


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This brace is the most comfortable and usable of any he has tried. The fact that it is so easily adjustable is part of the genius of your invention.

Susan E.

This brace gives me the support I need, without feeling chocked, feeling hot or feeling that I have something tied around my neck.

Olga S.

It’s so light and allows for good circulation. After trying several other products this is the best brace we’ve come across.

Ross H.

A Nurse’s Opinion

I have been a Caregiver and Educator for people with ALS for over 30 years. Recently, I was introduced to a neck brace developed by Shane Peters.Knowing how terribly difficult it is for patients to support their heads and the issues with tilt, turning, drooling, weight and durability – I wanted to check this out. How excited was I to see that the Neck Brace was just what the market is looking for.

I had a patient in California – who had almost every neck support imaginable. The patient and family was skeptic but are thrilled to have SHANE’S Neck Brace. It is water proof and has provided the patient with comfort, still allowing him to tilt his chin, rotate his head and so light weight. I will be adding SHANE’S Neck Brace in my Education programs nationally.



I am Olga, a patient who suffers from constant neck pain. I was looking for a method that would help my neck and upper back to be more supported without feeling chocked or tied around my neck.

The day that I tried Shane’s Neck Brace, my wish came true!

This brace gives me the support I need, without feeling chocked, feeling hot or feeling that I have something tied around my neck; even during the neck when I sleep with it; is so comfortable.

I truly recommend Shane’s Neck Brace to anybody who experiences pain or is instructed to keep this part of the body firm for recovery purposes.

Thank you Shane!


The Brace is lightweight & adjustable & I have been wearing it for about a week. It supports the head and neck quite adequately & my posture is improved when wearing it.

It is very comfortable especially when driving, sitting in front of the computer for extended periods of time or at a meeting when I generally start having spasms & getting “fidgety”.

I have experimented with some other neck collars & braces and Shane’s Brace appears to support the head & neck in a more natural position. I can even shower with it on since it’s waterproof.

I had read so many horror stories about wearing a neck brace, this one is great!


Susan and Emil

My husband has ALS and his neck muscles are very weak. He’s 75, so the old neck bones are not as flexible as they once were!

This brace is the most comfortable and usable of any he has tried. The fact that it is so easily adjustable is part of the genius of your invention.

He can only tolerate a slight head tilt upward without pain and this device gives much more stability than a soft cervical collar, and way less lift than a Philadelphia collar (a torture device on him).

Only a person with neck problems could have invented it, and we thank you so much for having done this – you have made life not only safer but more pleasant for him!

Susan and Emil

What is Shane’s Neck Brace?

The neck support brace is manufactured by hand using flexible, synthetic tubing that immobilizes the neck to stay in an upright position. The neck collar can easily be adjusted to ensure a fit that is comfortable for long term use. The design is unique and attractive as well as flexible so you will not experience any further injuries or weakness of the neck vertebrae. The durable Velcro fastener creates a firm fit when worn to ensure relief from neck pain. Adjustable cervical collar for neck support.

Shane’s neck brace can be worn to treat many different medical conditions in the neck, spinal or head area of the body. Full motion of the head is possible when worn. The soft cervical collar can also improve your balance, prevent muscle spasms and alleviate neck fatigue so it does more than just provide support and neck pain relief. It is an adjust neck brace that will fit anyone.

One of the major benefits of Shane’s neck brace is that you can continue with your daily activities or any activity while wearing the collar. You can eat, shower, exercise or anything else you need to do.

Shane’s Neck Brace is medically endorsed by many doctors, nurses and physical therapists.


Brace Yourself Today for Only $129!

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