The Top Cervical Neck Brace Available


Shane’s Neck Brace is unlike any other neck support brace on the market today. It is lightweight, durable, waterproof and hand made in the USA. Not only is the cervical neck brace adjustable in the back, it also has adjustable supports in the front to provide the best overall neck collar fit available.


Shane Peters invented the brace after developing a painful neck condition called torticollis years ago. He searched for a cervical neck brace on the market that provided pain relief, stability, durability and adjustability. All the neck collars he tried were deficient in several areas.


Shanes-Neck-Brace_02For over a year, Shane worked with doctors and engineers developing the neck brace that bears his name. After completing design, development and testing, Shanes Neck Brace has now been available for years to the public at an affordable price point.


Testimonials have poured in for the neck brace as individuals with all kinds of medical conditions continue to wear the brace and love it. This includes trauma conditions, whiplash, neurologic conditions and more that can be seen HERE.

For Shane Peters, his dream is to offer people the same benefits with his neck brace that he received including pain relief, increased function, the ability to wear it for hours on end along with a perfect fit.